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A comprehensive solution for your online payments

The Paython payment centre is a unique and comprehensive solution for online payments with a direct connection to more than 90 different payment methods.

Why is Paython unique?

  • The payment is transferred directly to your account, so there is no transaction through any intermediary account.
  • No great investment, you will just share a part of what you have saved with us.
  • Fully automated online bank transfers that save money on transaction fees.
  • Pairing of the payment with the order within a few minutes of the payment and authorization.
  • Paython is a unique system and the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.
  • The most effective solution in three categories in the 2011 IEA competition.





How can you save money with Paython

Lower fees for alternative payments via online bank transfers will increase your profits.

How much can you save with Paython?

The monthly turnover of an e-shop:

240 000 EUR

Credit card fees:

2,0 %

Without Paython
Annual fees for credit card payments:

96 000 EUR

With Paython *
Total annual fees:

60 000 EUR

SAVINGS for one year:

36 000 EUR

* The expected share of alternative online bank transfers in the total volume of payments is 50%.

The main advantages of the Paython payment centre

Paython has advantages which are appreciated by every retailer offering his/her products and services via the Internet.

  • Payment without intermediaries
    The payment is transferred directly to the retailer’s account.
  • Money savings for fees
    You can save up to 45% of your expenses with online bank transfers.
  • Easy integration
    Paython provides its own interface via secure web services (WebServices).
  • Dozens of payment methods
  • Payments in different currencies
  • Service support 24 hours daily
  • Verified by our customers

Security always comes first

The main pillars of the whole Paython system are credibility together with high-quality and secure technology.

  • The ISO certification is a guarantee of quality and secure procedures ensuring the credibility of the Paython environment.
  • Paython is in compliance with the PCI DSS. It confirms the safe method of dealing with the sensitive data of payment card holders.
  • 3D Secure, Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code are nowadays a standard security attribute of reliable online payments.
  • The Paython abuse prevention system is an integrated tool for detecting and blocking suspicious transactions or attempts to misuse credit cards.



Payment system providers and methods of payment

The Paython payment centre is connected to a number of global and local banks and payment providers. The system aggregates dozens of different payment methods which are utilizable not only in Europe but in most countries of the world as well.


Always a complete overview of the status of all payments

One feature of Paython is a large back-office system that gives you a complete overview of all realized payments, including detailed information about the flow of your finances and which allows you to:

  • Respond flexibly to your customer’s questions about the status of his/her payment.
  • Have a complete overview about all realized payments.
  • Find out detailed information about the status of all payments.
  • Display global reports of sales through different types of graphs.
  • Set up the parameters of individual payments including permitting payments for various sales channels (e-shops, web, etc.).
  • Administration of your bank accounts and required currencies.



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